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Kettlebell Swings – A Great Fitness Workout For Big Time Results!

If you are looking for a great fitness workout to take your training to a whole new level then you have to incorporate kettlebell swings into your personal program. By now you may have either heard of the ancient kettlebell or have at least seen this ancient device once or twice. If you haven’t then it basically resembles a cannonball with a handle attached to it. This ancient tool has been used by some of the world’s greatest strongmen and athletes for over three centuries.

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As a strength and conditioning professional I have to say that one of the most well rounded exercises that you can include into your fitness and strength program is kettlebell swings. This is one of the more basic strength endurance lifts that you can perform with the kettlebell because this single lift incorporates hundreds of your muscles at once in order to pull it off. The great thing about swings is that this single lift has many variations. Swings can be performed with both arms and a single bell, it can be done with a bell in each hand, or with just a single bell with one arm.

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This fitness workout routine will change the entire landscape of your workouts. Even by implementing and mastering all the different variations of swings you can build a strength and fitness program that is unlike anything else you have ever tried. This is a great exercise to help you forge a set of rock hard abs, tremendous hip power, back strength, and cardiovascular fitness that blows away any 5 mile run you could ever do! If you are looking for a hard hitting total body blasting workout that will get you REAL results then you absolutely have to start with kettlebell swings. The dynamic nature of kettlebell training is sure to challenge you in ways that you have never experienced before and once you start I promise you will never go back to your “old” way of training.

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