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The Skinny on ChaLEAN’s Extreme Workout

How about a workout that focuses on fat burning 24/7? The ChaLEAN Extreme workout is what you are looking for. Men and women can experience the benefit of a ninety day program that focuses on cardio and weights in a most productive way. At 35 minutes per day, it is one of the shortest daily home fitness workouts available which will produce amazing results Phentermine Substitute Over The Counter. The added convenience of being able to achieve such a great outcome from the convenience of your own home is hard to match in the fitness market today.

This three phase plan, created by southern California fitness expert Chalean Johnson, is clinically proven to burn two times more fat than comparable workouts. Chalene focused her plan on the benefits of resistance training to increase fat burn and speed up metabolism How to take Phentermine. This home fitness program has the added goal of eliminating the plateauing that usually accompanies a daily exercise program. The result is a fat burn like none other.

Chalene Johnson based her workout on a simple fact: muscle burns fat. Science tells us that with more muscle mass there is more of a fat burn. With this in mind, Chalene created a three phase plan which focuses heavily on resistance training. She refers to the three phases as: burn, push and lean Best Place to Buy Phentermine. Lifting weights can help with weight loss even while you sleep. Chalene developed twelve specific workouts, none of which are longer than 3 minutes.