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How Power Generators Contribute to the World As We Know It

Many people these days pay little attention to their daily consumption of electricity and complain when a power cut occurs. We’ve grown accustomed to having instant access to power and rely on it for lighting, heating and entertainment among other factors. However, when it comes to accessing power grids outdoors and in remote areas, some of the events and activities that we take for granted wouldn’t be possible were it not for the invention of the power generator. Let’s have a look at just some of the occasions when the world has really benefited from the device.

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Disaster Relief

Areas struck by natural disasters like earthquakes or floods often lose access to the centralised power system for days or weeks on end as safety precautions are taken and repairs are carried out. For emergency services and disaster relief teams electricity is a much needed resource to deal with all the damage. As each hour is critical, lighting helps carry on searching for survivors when darkness strikes. Hospitals need to be able to provide treatment to patients hurt in the incident, water pumps need to be operated to get rid of flood water and emergency shelters need to be provided with lighting and heat as well as cooking facilities. Portable generators also help individuals get their pre-disaster lives back by powering homes and businesses.

Outdoor Parties and Festivals

Ever attended an outdoor wedding, party or festival? The elaborate stage lighting and sound systems can only function thanks to the power generators hidden away in the background. Music festivals will have a vast amount of them on hand to supply power to all the equipment needed by bands, DJs, bars and eating facilities. Large sporting events like the Olympics also rely on portable technology to provide electricity for sound and visual equipment, snack shops etc. Portable devices have led us to take these luxuries for granted. But take a moment to imagine all the world-renowned events broadcast to international audiences without such spectacular shows.