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Directory Assistance – How Can I Help Your Blog?

Blogging can be a deeply satisfying, intensely personal experience. Generally simple to use, blogs allow the household mom, the serial author, the political activist and the high school poet to publish and archive their best efforts and satisfy the creative muse in all of them. Whereas in the past publishing was a privilege for the elite few, it is now open to anyone with the time and the means to access a computer

But if no one is reading the blogs, they can become a disheartening and frustrating experience. A lack of audience can even cost a blogger money – there are numerous blogs on the web that are intended to be significant sources of personal income, between advertising programs and personal product sales. A key step in getting a blog read, therefore, is the use of a specialized web directory known as the blog directory.

What is a Blog Directory

A blog directory is not a search engine – it is an indexed list of blog links, broken up into categories and keywords for ease of reference. Blogs are submitted or invited for review; the directory looks over the material, and then determines if it meets the criteria for inclusion. Listing in a blog directory increases the chance that a blog will come up in search engine and keyword requests, meaning more users will ultimately be directed to read the blog.